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Ammunition and ammo cans
Barrels, conversion kits, choke tubes
Bipods and tripods, rests and vises
Camping gear and survival items
Cleaning equipment, gun care
Clothing, tactical gear, LBE
Educational and training tools
Emergency Wise food, survival meals
Flashlights, tac-lights, lasers
BSA lasers
Command Arms (CAA) tac-light/laser
Crimson Trace Lasergrips
Insight Technology
Laserlyte gun lasers, boresighting tools
LaserMax gun lasers
Surefire flashlights
UST flashlights, LED lamps
Gun cases, range bags, duffels
Gun locks, vaults, and gun safes
Gun parts
Gunsmithing tools
Holsters, slings, gun belts
Hunting equipment
Knives, edged tools, multi tools
Law enforcement gear
Magazines and clips
NRA Membership
Pistol grips, gun stocks, recoil pads
Safety and personal security
Sights, scopes, rings and mounts
Targets and throwers
Zombie gun accessories

Flashlights, tac-lights, lasers

  • BSA: Makers of an affordable, pressure-switch activated laser that can mount to any Weaver or Picatinney type rail.
  • Command Arms (CAA) tac-light/laser:Tactical flashlight/laser combo from CAA Command Arms Accessories. The least expensive, GOOD laser and tac light for tactical weapons: shotguns, rifles, pistols, and other handguns.
  • Crimson Trace Lasergrips: Comfortable, replacement handgun grips with built-in laser aiming device.
  • Glock: Glock brand tac-lights and lasers for their pistols.
  • Insight Technology: External, quick detachable lasers/tac-lights/combos (M3, M6, M2-UTL, M2X, M2XL, M3X, M5, M6X, etc.) and accessory rails for firearms. Hand held tac-lights, including Typhoon and Arcturus models.
  • Laserlyte: Inexpensive, clamp-on lasers for firearms. They also make a laser boresighter.
  • LaserMax: Internal (guide rod) lasers for pistols, red or green rail lasers, Ruger 1022 barrel band laser.
  • Streamlight: Hand-held flashlights, tactical lights, and lasers for firearms, including M3, M6, M2-UTL, etc.
  • Surefire flashlights: Hand-held flashlights, weapon lights forearms for carbines and shotguns.
  • UTG: weapons lights and lasers
  • Viridian: Custom fit GREEN lasers for specific handguns, plus universal green lasers for Picatinny type rails.
Insight Technology M6 light/laser on XD pistol

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