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Fobus pistol holsters

Fobus ankle holster with Glock 26Ankle holsters: Open topped models are designed to be worn on the off-hand ankle. These are only designed for smaller, compact firearms.
Fobus holster with Springfield Armory XDBelt holsters: (Paddle version shown here.) Open topped models designed to slide on any belt up to 1 3/4" wide. Popular for duty or lawful Concealed Carry (CCW).
Fobus E2 Evolution holster with Glock.htmlE2 Evolution holsters: The next evolution is the E2 Evolution! Along with the trigger guard pinch, E2's have a tension adjustment screw just below the trigger guard. Paddle and belt versions are available.
Fobus Level II thumb lever holster with GlockLevel II holsters: Open topped design that pinches at the trigger guard area and requires thumb lever activation for withdrawal. Paddle and belt versions are offered. Popular with law enforcement officers.
Fobus magazine carrier.htmlMag carriers: Pouch type holders for magazines (clips), handcuffs, tactical lights, and flashlights.
Fobus paddle holster with Colt 1911.htmlPaddle holsters: No belt required! Open topped design that pinches at the trigger guard area. The paddle slips inside the pants and stays put upon drawing out the pistol. Very popular for lawful Concealed Carry (CCW) and general purpose use.
Fobus shoulder holster rigShoulder holsters: Use the holster part of a Roto Paddle with a Roto Shoulder Harness for a truly unique, modular shoulder holster.
Fobus thigh holster rig for Glock 9mm.htmlThigh/tactical holsters: Thigh rigs for Roto holsters, tac-light/weapon holsters, and light holders. The pistol is held in place by a trigger-finger-loosed strap at the trigger guard.
Fobus thumb break holster with Glock.htmlThumb break holsters: They not only pinch at the trigger guard, they offer a thumb break strap for extra retention.
Fobus universal RV/auto/desk mountUniversal mount: used with a Roto holster, this handy accessory lets you mount a handgun under a desk, in an auto or RV, or elsewhere.

Quality, rugged holsters and ingenious, modular designs (the Roto series) mark Fobus as a leader in the gun world.

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