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International orders

We no longer export. This includes processing APO/FPO orders. The U.S. Federal government will only allow the exportation of gun parts, stocks, and magazines (what are known here as "ITAR" items for the law that applies - International Treaty on Arms Reduction) under certain conditions. Either 1) a formal permit is required, or 2) $100 or less orders are exempt from permit, but the government still wants to be notified before shipment. Right now, to be registered to do either will cost a business or individual from $2,250.00 to $2,750.00 per year.

Even some items you wouldn't think would require an export permit, can require one. A good example is non-military-specification (non Milspec) optics (scopes, binoculars, spotters, monoculars, etc.). These MAY require an export permit, depending upon which country is their destination.

This is what the U.S. Government is doing to regulate our industry and supposedly control violent crime. The economics of this business do not favor processing exports of any kind. Try for your international needs.

BE ADVISED: If you try to bypass U.S. export regulations, beware. The U.S. Government has cracked down on this in recent years. They are stringently enforcing export laws for any items related to guns.

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