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This page addresses known legal issues pertaining to the products we sell. There are many state and local restrictions, as well as some shipping limitations on "haz mat." Check the description of an individual product for restrictions. Here are some known issues:
  • California: No flashhiders, muzzlebrakes, threaded barrels, thumbhole stocks, or pistol gripped stocks
  • California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York: No mags greater than 10 round capacity. California Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) must have their departments buy the mags. It is still a felony for CA LEO's to personally own hicap mags; have your department order the mags by faxing an order on letterhead.
  • California: We do not ship ammo to CA.
  • Massachusetts: We do not ship ammo to MA.
  • Hawaii: No handgun mags of greater than 10 round capacity. This includes rifle-type mags used in handguns. Example: AR15 30 round mags for an AR15 type pistol are illegal. We do not ship ammo to HI.
  • Illinois: We must have a copy of your FOID card on file before we ship your order. Please fax, mail, or e-mail a copy.
  • Maryland: No mags of greater than 20 round capacity.
  • New Jersey: No mags of greater than 15 round capacity.
  • Ohio: No centerfire mags of greater than 30 round capacity. .22 and .17 rimfires have no limit.
  • Outside the first 48 States: No oil, grease, solvent, or lubricant shipments. USPS and UPS shipping regulations ban hazardous material shipments by any means other than ground shipments.


If you allow graphics on your web browser, you will see restrictions and notes, such as this example. "CA" means California, not Canada. If you have further questions about an item, click on its thumbnail image for more details.

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