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Saiga magazines

Stocks and other accessories are on the Saiga page of our site.

About Surefire Magazines

Surefire mags for Saiga's have proven to be extremely reliable. However, there have been a few instances when fitting the mag to the gun is required. The condition is not normal, but if you have a tight receiver try the following. Make sure the mag and chamber are empty and no ammo is present. take the mag and insert the front of the mag locking the front lug up and than pull the mag backwards and up into the mag well as hard as you can, you will not damage the mag.. Sometimes you may have to rock it back and forth a dozen times or so until it fits you firearm. If this fails to work it may be that your mag latch is set just a tad high and you will have to file just a couple of stokes off the the bottom of the rear locking lug. Please try to fit the mag after each stroke of the file. These mags are designed to fit snug so do not over file.

If the above fails to work mags can be exchanged, but they all come from the same mold so that usually doesn't work but sometimes it does. Make sure when you are trying the above that the mag is empty and you do not have a shell in the chamber. When you load a full mag into the gun, make sure you lock the bolt back. Surefire mags are not made to load with a closed bolt.

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