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Shipping methods, time & costs

Shipping costs:

We recommend you use our web site to get exact shipping costs with this web site. We have several shipping rates. Generally, costs start at $7 and depend on dimensional weight and travel distance. We no longer offer faster options.

How long?:

Orders placed before 2PM Eastern time are usually shipped the same day.

Out of stock:

We do our best to keep our inventory current and accurate. However, there are sometimes technical problems and human error that cause an item to show as "in stock," when we have none available. If an item (or items) you have ordered are "out of stock," we will contact you as soon as possible to work out a solution according to your needs and our ability to fill them. Providing a daytime telephone number, valid e-mail address, and fax number at the time of your order will greatly help you and us.

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