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Side saddle, Rem. 870/1100/11-87, 12ga. 6-shot, Tacstar

Side saddle, Rem. 870/1100/11-87, 12ga. 6-shot, Tacstar Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TAC1081157
UPC: 751103011577
Price: $34.20
Shipping Weight: 0.60 pounds
50 available for immediate delivery

Side saddle, Rem. 870/1100/11-87, 12ga. 6-shot, Tacstar

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This is the terrific accessory every tactical shotgun should wear!!! Allows you to carry up to 6 rounds at the ready, with your shotgun, and close to the feeding port. Makes reloading quick and convenient! Fits Remington 870/1100/1187, 12 gauge. NOTE: The 6 shot sidesaddle fills most of the left side of the receiver. If you have a forearm that extends past the front edge of the receiver, this sidesaddle will prevent full rearward cycling of the forearm. Buy the 4 shot sidesaddle instead. It is made for long, hunting forearms that extend past the front edge of the receiver. Made in USA by Pachmayer/Tacstar/Lyman Products.   1081157

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